1: Getting Started

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1: Getting Started

1: Getting Started

Highly effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing approaches will consider both direct marketing and indirect marketing. If you’re an aspiring marketing expert or a business owner researching ways to improve your online presence and ultimately your income, this recurring blog will give you the building blocks.

While every business’s marketing strategy will be different there are definite constants across all planes.

First off, you need to have the right direction and the right intensions to ensure you’re making the most of your efforts. There’s nothing more frustrating as a business owner than realizing after you’ve spent valuable time, energy and money on a project that you’ve missed out on GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.

It’s the kind of thing that keeps business owners up at night.  

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve talked to people who invested their own personal time into marketing, or hired a team who simply didn’t have the right vision for their company, and later down the road discovered or were educated on more efficient and cost-effective strategies.

And it all has to be about YOUR VISION and your marketing company’s ability to grasp that vision and bring it into reality. .      

Communication between you and your marketing team is key, and there should be a clear understanding, by both of you, on your business from top to bottom.

The more information shared at the onset, the better.  


It sounds simple – Where are you going? What are your short and long-term goals?

But that’s not it. Your direction needs to be realistic within your market, and you need a clear and realistic idea of where you WANT to be and where you CAN be in a week, a month, six months, a year, 20 years…

For instance, a business should not just start considering indirect marketing strategies if they plan to be going out of business in a year. That’s not to say they can’t and it still won’t be beneficial, depending on a number of factors, but indirect marketing needs to be engaged AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

Why? This is simple Marketing Psychology 101. The more engaged and connected people are with your business, whether or not they are considering your products and services at the time, the more likely they are to turn to you when the time is right. It’s called “top-of-mind awareness”. While indirect marketing strategies are still created within your niche and intended for automatic conversion, they are effective in general branding. And by utilizing the right strategies, for example social media engagement and strategic backlinking, you are inevitably going to increase your SEO, which we will continue to cover in this blog..   

This is just one reason an understanding of direction is going to help you and your team achieve the best results possible.


Here are some questions you might ask:


Do you want to stay local or are you open to expanding/moving?

Will your products/services potentially diversify as you grow?

Are you prepared to adapt to industry change? If not, what will it take and how long?

Is there a limit on your budget? What channels can you realistically utilize for your marketing?


All these questions more or less get to the nuts and bolts of your business and how you market.

More than anything else perhaps, fiercely competitive market research should be initiated at the beginning. Choosing a team who prides themselves in this will ensure they know the most about you, your direction, and the most effective channels within your market to get you where you’re going.

With a potent combination of research and creative implementation through direct and indirect marketing, you can ensure the best Return On Investment (ROI).


Who are you and what do you want? What motivates you?

Here are some questions to ask yourself:


Are you hungry to compete with the “big dogs” in your market, or are you comfortable reaching a certain income level?

Do you like being a boss? Do you want more people under you? How much of your lifestyle are you willing to change?

Do you want more notoriety and tons of money? 

What motivates you to work every day?

While it may strike you as silly, these are important and honest questions. We need to get a feel for who YOU are and what YOU want.

Ultimately your happiness is the end goal, and this can mean a number of things for different folks.

The answers to these questions should directly affect how marketing services are tailored to you and your company. That’s why you need to choose a team who prides themselves in building a close relationship with you and your company and keeping consistent communication and around-the-clock availability, to ensure your constant short and long-term satisfaction.

Over time, customer service is the constant fuel that drives the success of any strategy.

If you need any specific advice right now or have any questions, please call us at 518-712-1111 or email us at

And make sure to follow this blog for future posts!





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