5 Essentials to Reputation Management

You know reviews matter.

You know reviews are coming.

You believe in your company, products and services and you’ve always put your best foot forward, but without fail it happens at some point or another.

A negative review pops up, and suddenly you feel trapped not knowing what to do about it.

There aren’t many services that give you any protection against malicious reviews.

Reviews are written with anonymity allowing any Joe Shmoe to go to a review site, post a negative review and leave it there for however long it takes for you to find it.

Fortunately, there are proactive ways to ensure the best presence for your company and to protect yourself from review trolls on sites like Yelp.

Google Frequently

Stats show that bad reviews online can cost your company thousands of dollars. Over 80 percent of potential customers will go to another company when they read a negative review.

That’s why it’s important to search your business online frequently to see what people are saying. You can find the most viewed channels by conducting online searches for your company.

Claim All Your Pages

You need to claim your business’s page on all relevant channels and establish a dominant presence. Other people can claim and misrepresent your business for whatever reasons and cause permanent damage to your reputation.

Stay Engaged

If you properly established yourself on a social media channel, people are going to use it. This means you need to login in once in awhile…

For marketing purposes you need to be doing this anyway, but it also helps ensure that you are able to stay engaged.

Respond Immediately

Research has shown many customers who would normally be deterred by negative reviews can be just as easily salvaged simply by seeing a resolution.

This indicates that you care about your customers and provide good customer service, and often times those same customers will come back and write positive reviews.

Control Reviews

Engage with your customers proactively and ask them if they’ll write reviews. If you do this, you’ll find that your happiest and most loyal customers will accommodate.

Establishing a stream of positive reviews that you control will not only ensure a great reputation but also demonstrate your brand authority. This can be accomplished through an effective customer follow-up strategy.

No matter what, negative and malicious reviews will still pop up and you will need to use the aforementioned steps to minimize their damage and protect your business.

A really great tool that DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY PUBLISH REVIEWS is www.realpeoplesratings.com.

When negative reviews are published you are notified and given a chance to resolve the issue with your customer before the review reaches the web. If the account is determined to be fake and the review is flagged as malicious, it is never published.

Here’s a quick VIDEO overview of their product.

Good reputation management requires an attentive eye working around the clock and can be used as a great strength for your business, which is why it’s a good idea to hire a team to make sure you’re getting the most out of the benefits and protecting yourself from potential harm.

If you have any questions about Reputation Management or other services call 518-712-1111 or email info@matrixmedia.consulting.

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